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What We Do

"The Bench" was created to help athletes find their place in the professional world, whether they are a dual career or at the end of their athletic career.

"The Bench" aims to connect athletes with businesses and opportunities whose skillsets, culture and values align in such a way that will benefit both the athlete and the business. We work with every athlete to ensure they have the appropriate acumen, skills and understanding of their prospective employers that they seamlessly transition into an effective and highly efficient member of their workforce. 

Even though our aim is to place athletes in long term employment we do understand that they can also provide a range of other services on an ad-hoc basis including performance seminars, team building, public appearances and more. 

Our dream would be to create a long-term network of employers who are actively supporting elite athletes in their career transition. 

Athlete Employment

We work closely with our athlete's to ensure they are business ready, individually mentoring each on business acumen, validating and improving skillsets for their preferred positions, understanding the values they look for in prospective employers. 


We go to this extra effort beyond most recruitment companies to ensure that our athlete/employer matches are not simply transactional but rather a symbiotic relationship based on trust, values and a foundation for a long-term commitment. 

Once the athlete is off "The Bench" we want to keep it that way. 

Ad-hoc Speaking, Team Building and Appearance Commitments

While we would prefer to teach our athletes to fish opposed to giving them one we do understand that businesses sometimes require short term or one-off engagements. 

A subset of our available athletes is available for a range of engagements such as Public Speaking, Mentorship, Seminars or Culture Initiatives. We would be happy to assist your search and find the perfect candidate for your next event just reach out and more than happy to oblige. 

Practice Areas
  • Engineering

  • Finance 

  • Information Technology

  • Banking

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Management Consulting

  • Data Science

  • Construction 

  • Medical

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