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The origin of "The Bench"

Take the players off "The Bench" and get them into your workforce.

After the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Andrew Charter (Founder) coined the term "The Employable Olympian Fallacy" by publishing an article on LinkedIn. It speaks to the common belief that there is a plethora of employment opportunities for Olympic Athletes either while competing or at the conclusion of their careers. But the stark reality is that while most companies acknowledge the positive traits that elite athletes bring, athletes also bring challenges (unique working hours, large periods away). When hiring it is these challenges that hiring managers ultimately cannot look past when compared to other applicants. 

"The Bench" was created to directly challenge this paradox and help athletes find their place in the professional world, whether they're a dual career athlete or transitioning after retirement. "The Bench" works collaboratively and symbiotically with business to connect athletes whose skillsets, culture and values align. To provide and guide athletes through this process to ensure that the benefits that the athletes can provide to the workplace comprehensively outweigh the challenges of their employment. 

We understand that the ingrained performance mindset of athletes can bring a unique edge to any workforce; increased efficiency, productivity and positive influence on workplace culture. "The Bench" is committed to helping athletes land their dream job and providing them with the skills to work collaboratively with their employers.  

Andrew Charter
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Andrew is a 3-time Olympian, ex-management consultant, technology professional and mental health advocate. Andrew’s unique expertise and passion for helping people has been the driving force behind The Bench.

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